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Club Royal Makati

Royal Club, Makati

I usually call this club, pick your poison. This club located in Makati, Manila is amazing as it sounds, usually one Of the best places to be at nights especially weekends. Quite fascinating with people who are willing to be your friend anytime anyhow.


Mostly busy, they usually have a lot to handle at every moment of the clock but, you will always be attended to in a heartbeat.


Whatever you wish to drink is available to you at first instance the moment you step in the club you already have 2 drinks from the gate fee. Drinks like beer usually cost 150 pesos while the liquor cost 200 pesos a cup.

The Music


All night long, you may not have a minute where your body doesn’t wish to move, it goes on and on as the selected party songs really brings excitement to your veins.



Tonight in Manila if you wish to make the best of your time then Royal club must be one of your choices.

They have a royalty card where you can buy and pay 200 pesos or 500 pesos respectively where

you get 5% to 10%  discount of every purchase you make in the club, isn’t that the best way to

save some change?!


For more information please visit for Facebook,

For Instagram @royal_club_Makati and twitter @RoyalClubMakati.

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