San Juan Del Sur, Philippines


San Juan Del Sur, Philippines 

spend 3 to 5 days by the beach of Nicaragua in Del sur and spend less.


Some places are just worth the sacrifice of time, time that helps you find yourself in a better position of refreshing your inner self. One beautiful destination you wish to be, is this place San Juan Del Sur in

Philippines, while on your way you need to make up your mind. Are you the type that loves to explore?

if yes then here is what you must do.

Spending Cheap in San Juan Del Sur

on reaching Nicaragua if you wish to head straight to the beach is perfect, because you don’t even need to pay anything at all, is totally free. there are many restaurants in town and about the beach but, you need not worry yourself over the food prices and all, the best place to get your food is at the convenience stores in town. there are also market restaurants that food prices are very cheap, but it will do you more good if you wish to cook by yourself. Cooking by myself saves me a lot of money in Nicaragua, usually in a friend’s kitchen but don’t be woken asking yourself if  you cant make friends then what?!

People in Nicaragua are usually social people since they associate themselves with foreigners a lot, all you need to do is kindly ask permission from the locals around, if they can lend you their kitchen. and as far as they are not using it at the moment, am sure you wont be refused.

You should be aware that you will be very amazed by the food you get for a very cheap price, everything is as fresh as it comes.

How to Travel in San Juan Del sur

Never ignore the chance of saving hilariously, you will laugh about it and do it again.

the buses in town cost about 192 PHP only from that price and below is what you will get and is way more cheaper than anything else, you may as well try 1000 m distances which is much more appropriate to your health. Is better to enjoy the place detail by detail than just moving on short distances by vehicles always.

Book your hotel with a click on the image below:

There are a lot of options you may love to choose from hotels in the image link above but, the above image is one of the best deal you can get.

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