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LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 03: The Airbnb app logo is displayed on an iPhone on August 3, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

Airbnb Philippines is an amazing platform that allows its users to gain financial freedom and give comfort to its customers.

Airbnb is all about space, but what can you do with this space?

If you do not know relax, I will explain further.

Airbnb Philippines has two ways to make you grow as an individual or a group.

First, they have a set up with their affiliate programs which are;

Guest affiliate program

This allows you to get features in Airbnb listings on your site and allow you to earn money through commissions for every single booking you influence through your customers.

But first, you have to register and be qualified to progress in your partnership with Airbnb.

Host affiliate program

Possible qualified affiliates are guaranteed the power of helping their users earn extra income as Airbnb hosts.

As a qualified affiliate in the host program, explore hosting opportunities for your customers and earn a commission for each host that signs up with Airbnb through you.

Second, like a traveler who loves to make trips from one place to another is better to avoid the hassle in big cities or areas with lots of attention.

Using Airbnb is way easier for you to book space for your comfort.

My advice is, do you have space that you’re not using or wish to make extra income with it?

Do not hesitate to put it up there on Airbnb, they will make you more money than you ever imagined, an easy way to get customers as Airbnb awareness is quite large.

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