Angeles City Pampanga and Best Hotels in Angeles

Sensual and exotic, more like a full blown art exposed. It’s a place a lot of foreigners love to visit during their stay in the Philippines.

Angeles is a place where the fun is mostly party, friends and where people love to be adults at the highest level they wish to attain.

Philippines is an exceptional place where ladies become well organised from escorts to models on a very excellent conduct, and their company is most welcoming as they any also make friends with you in all honesty.

You wish to have some time in Angeles city?

Then please do continue to read…


How to go to Angeles from Manila

If you are in Manila and not close to Cubao but wishes to visit Angeles then is easy.

There are options you can choose from, either you book a Grab car which cost about 3000PHP going to Angeles, or you can rent a car which may cost you about 1500PHP.

You can take a train from Pasay Taft Avenue, EDSA LRT station as well and head for Balintawak.

You will be in a train for a while and probably travel beyond 10 stop stations where you may finally come to a stop in Balintawak.

After 30 to 40mins of travel, this may cost you 20PHP, then you will board a bus from Balintawak that cost up to 120PHP to Pampanga which last about an hour.

You can also take a bus in Pasay, Victory Liner is the most Famous but it may take you 2.5 to 3hrs before you reach Pampanga and may cost you 200PHP, or you can book a Grab car and it will take you to Cubao.

It may cost you 300PHP to 700PHP depending on your distance and you can easily get a bus.

The journey here last for about an hour and 30mins, so all you need to do is make a better choice for yourself.


Walking Street, Angeles

The most popular place in Angeles is walking street which is part of Pampanga.

Is a place that is usually crowded with customers, bars and workers of all kinds, while walking along walking street, you may experience pleasing sights of ladies, girls, Men and Ladyboys (Transgenders).

You may also experience hands on marketers that do sell Viagra or all kinds of drugs to help your arousal, cigarettes and all kinds of things are sold along the street and beyond.

There are a lot of bars and clubs here in waking street, some bars ladies are mostly naked leaving just a piece of bikini covering their genital area, it may drive you crazy as they love to turn every customer into a friend, they are extremely sensational.

The most highly rated club in Angeles is the High Society Club, is usually filled with a lot of clubbers every night 10 pm till the morning.

There are people who are ready to party with you all night long, and groups you can meet and you all may become friends.

The music in High Society is crazy and amazing cocktails that may turn your head upside down.


Hotels in Angeles

This place built by business people that believes competition is the best way to win a customer, their hotels come cheap but the best you may find, clean rooms and beautiful relaxing beds that you may forget to check out on time if you sleep too deep.


The ABC hotel

A luxurious hotel complimented with a beautiful rooftop Club named Aqua Club, from the pool bar to the hot tubs.

It’s simply amazing, full of party gimmicks, extreme blowouts, breathtaking cocktails and they have KTV rooms however you love to live.

This hotel rates from 120 USD Standard suites to 1168 USD new millennium penthouse 4 rooms. Is located just beyond walking street.


Red Planet

A very beautiful hotel located just beyond the walking street, has very fresh and clean rooms and certainly up to the taste that comes with satisfaction, the rooms rate is about 1700 PHP


Devera Hotel

Located very close to Sm Clark Pampanga, beautiful golf courses, around well-organized Casinos.

Everything else like disco clubs and all sort of bars are all close to Devera hotel, usually introduced and controlled by Filipino-Americans.

They do understand the foreign courtesy very much you do not need to wonder how good you will be welcomed.

Rooms are rated from 1300PHP Junior standard rooms to 3750PHP junior suite rooms, cheaper when you book first online.

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