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Eatigo in PH

One of the best app in Asia you will ever come across is Eatigo, they are flawless when it comes to giving you options of restaurants.

Eatigo is a mobile app in Asia that connects hungry people with restaurants that want their food to be eaten.

You should understand, Eatigo is a broad app filled with countless of restaurants, although it depends where you are in Asia.

They are in Manila (Philippines), Singapore, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong and Thailand.

How to use this app is very easy, download it and explore is very easy to operate since is user friendly app.

You can find as many restaurants but, you need to make a reservation and one thing about these guys is, as much as they save you the time to go to a restaurant and make a reservation, you need to work according to your time limit.

What i’m trying to say is, you need to be on time at the restaurant in which you made a reservation using Eatigo app.

If you are too early, you will be made to wait, if you are late, you may lose your table.

And after your done eating, the extra time allowed is 30 minutes.

When you make a reservation, you need to state the number of people with you, if you wish to add more or reduce the number, you will need to edit your reservation.

If you have higher number of people and is not available in the reservation, kindly contact the customer care and they will contact the restaurant you wish to reserved on. 

You have 50% discount on every reservation you make, but remember all reservations you make will be treated separately.

If you ever have a problem and you are in Manila, do not take it to the restaurant directly, kindly report it to Eatigo customer care (+63 917 511 4455 or

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