Holiday at “Club Manila East”

Club Manila East is a vast resort in the Philippines located in Taytay a province of Rizal, Pacific Real Quezon and Station 2 of Boracay Island.


All these places have got endless joyful sights and views that comes with great satisfaction beyond imagination.


Club Manila East in Taytay Rizal Consist of a very large wave pool, very large pool where you see endless of people swimming and roaming like every day is a holiday, there are also a lot more than just pools and views, please read on if you’re curios.

Club Manila is not just a resort but a complete package of a holiday home.

Its extravagance of offering extreme comfort has extinguished itself as a stand out resort.

In Club manila you can have cheaper deals of rooms and a whole package of its programs.



The very resort in question has got various ways of giving its customers a very high satisfaction of needs.

Programs and packages are offered or as much you can request and you will have at the snap of fingers just like Thanos.

They over Aquatic programs

Such as swimming lessons and competitions (a group that wishes for a swimming comp.) mostly swimming lessons

There are 10 sessions and one session per hour

But this training sessions do not come for free

1 person is 10k PHP

2 persons is 7k PHP

3 persons is 5k PHP

And 4 to 6 persons is 3.5k PHP


They offer corporate packages

They also offer social functions

Room rates are as low as 3000 PHP, depends on your budget and you can have as much as what you imagine

Entrance fee on holidays and weekends is 375 PHP

Weekdays is 325 PHP

Surfing lessons are thought as well.

Surfing on very large ways are produced by the wave pool

They have beach waves and ocean waves.

Isn’t that wonderful?

About day tour … On Tuesday is impossible is very much closed no touring on Tuesdays unless is a holiday.

But all other night activities are on all night, you may just love the night part.


Furthermore, even in Boracay Club Manila East Beach Resort is a very friendly budget resort, with 14 standard rooms, located in station 2 Boracay and very close to the mall so you won’t be lacking in finding restaurants or shops of any kind.


Is about 200 feet to the ocean, I’m guessing that will be a quick walk from the ocean to and fro however you wish to have it.

Is looking quite brand new from 2009 renovation so it does look amazingly beautiful from the reception to the rooms and views.


The resort is a beach resort however the rooms do not really give you an ocean view or something like that, but each room has got its own balcony separated with lots of privacy.

Although the resort has got a rooftop that offers a great ocean view that is quite splendid.







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