Surviving in Manila

Live and School Cheap in the Philippines.

The Philippine School system is almost similar to that of USA.

Most schools in the Philippine like Ateneo de Manila, Perpetual University, Lyceum of the Philippine, Philippine university and many more, have two semesters and others like De La Salle has got trimester.

There are over a hundred choices of schools in manila alone, from High Schools to Universities.

For the lot the tuition fees ranges from 850 USD to 1,600 USD , and few from 1,500 USD to 2,500 USD per yr.

It is very easy to gain admission in the Philippine due to the flexible  educational system they run.

Although, as a foreigner you might need a little more than just the admission letter.

It is required of you

Before any admission letter will be given to you as a foreigner, you may need to submit a few documents.

Like a printed copy of your passport, a graduation certificate, a police clearance, a birth certificate.

A bank statement will be needed probably.

Medical exams, something like chest x-ray, stool, urine and all that, and of course vaccination certificate.

Foreign students are expected to stay in the dormitory and eat at the University Cafeteria which serves vegetarian food only.  Married students with family must apply for student apartment of course for schools that do have dormitory.

When you as a foreign student arrives in the Philippines, is required of you to go to the National Quarantine Office for medical clearance. 

P.s you should understand all certificates provided by you to obtain admission letter must be authenticated with a notary signed by a judge in the Philippines.

Truth be told is easy to study in the Philippines but the retirements can be just a little bit weary.


Manila House Prices.

Now, about the cost of living in the Philippines, i can tell you is quite lovely.

truth be told, the cost depends on the choice you make, if you prefer a condo or a town house located in a private village.

I prefer town houses as the cost ranges from 70 to 250 USD per month, condos ranges from 198 to 1400 USD per month.

Condos in Manila city are a bit higher than Condos in Metro-Manila.

Manila condo prices usually starts from 277  to 356 USD

The traffic is way over the roof so, you may want to stay close to your work or school.

Perhaps where you can also walk or just take one ride away.

Transportation is quite cheap so about that, you won’t have problems.


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