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Working and Living Your Life in Dubai

Many people dream of Dubai even when they are very much awake.

Is a wonderful place to be and as much as her name implies, it pays really well.

Been there a few times in my life and let me tell you, each time i wish i just apply for asylum.

Have few friends over there working in various manufacturing companies and they are doing wonderful.

Saving as much as 1000 to 2000 UAE a month which is about 13880 to 27760 PHP a month.

Isn’t that wonder ? you can always ask yourself what is it you want to do with  your life when you have the opportunity  to live and work in Dubai.

You may not be able to spend a lot of money everyday, if you are the saving type, of course depends on your every day activities, my friends usually play. Xbox and PlayStation all day.

A bit boring but they party when they mean to.

You don’t know how to do it?

Do not worry, i will explain in details.

How to apply.

Applying for Visa or work can be easy but sometimes life is difficult when things seems to slow down a lot.

Of course no country want to have too many people moving in the country and overrunning the population.

So, easy ways to get a visa are;

If you have someone in Dubai that has been there for 3 or more years, he or she can make it easy for you it shouldn’t be so hard unless you do not have all requirements.

Easy luck by recommendation, when you really know who, life is easy and solid.

Applying through agencies or companies in Dubai, who knows, it might just be you.

There are several agencies in Philippines and around the world that can help.

Such agencies are;

Philippines Overseas Labor office , The Filipino Times,  job, and many more you could never imagine.

There are many companies in Dubai hiring.

New available jobs are;

Al-Jalal Travel Consultant & Visa Agency .

Filipino Nurse,Kyra Care Fzllc  

Executive, SRL International Manpower Services, Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Hairstylist/Philippine, My Look Beauty Salon,Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

There are many more that i may not be able to list down but, there are over 10,000 jobs available in Dubai for foreigners that wish to have a good life living abroad.


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