Living in Manila

Life is easy when you understand your destination in a better way.

Manila has got one of the best cities in the world you can always choose from the lot of options presented in front of you.

There are several places to stay like condos and hotels, I’d always urge you to look at the bright side and make a choice that best suit your time here.

Short time or not, you can always afford something worthy of your stay in Manila.

If you want to know more about Condos in Manila then, keep reading.


The Acqua Residences in Mandaluyong

Acqua Residences consist of an elegant skyscraper view forming the horizon of all Makati in sight with waters that run across your view totally free from disturbance.

Acqua has got six towers and is the first of its kind feels like Garden of Eden and you can refer to them as Garden Towers of Eden so I like to call them.

Each and every tower is named according to the beautiful waterfalls of the world.

If you want to know more, kindly keep reading.



This Building is Acqua’s first tower, named after one of the most photographed

Water falls in the world located in Canada is very powerful and an amazing sight to behold, perhaps if you love nature, so is the reality of Niagara Waterfalls.


Sutherland Tower

Will be no other but a name inspired but the famous New Zealand falls right out of Lake Quill.

Is the second building to be raised at Acqua and as marvelous as the name so are the prices of all units.

The building presents to you an excellent skyline that consist of Makati and Mandaluyong itself.



The name is inspired by the most powerful waterfalls in the world located in Iceland, Europe its 100m wide and 45m down, it presents to you Manila itself mandaluyon and Makati right in front of you.



Inspired by Livingstone falls in Congo of Africa is the most unique tower in Acqua Private Residences as the design seem to be more like a collection material designed to look like the river Congo.

Livingstone Tower is the fourth tower to be raised at Acqua private residences.


 Iguazu Yoo

The Iguazu Yoo is a tower name in Acqua residences that was inspired by the Iguazu Falls by the Brazil and Argentina convergent boundary.

Iguazu Yoo is the fifth tower to be raised at the Acqua private residences in Mandaluyong.

It has got a unique interior design in few of its areas, is a distinct residence that stands gallant.


Novotel Suites Manila

Unparalleled residential and hotel experience, the available units are units under divisional ownership program and also few other residential units.

Is an international brand, they aim at world class amenities and services.  

Novotel Suites Manila is the sixth tower to be raised by Acqua private residences.


For rental, units are  between 10,000 PHP to 50,000 PHP a day, week and month, depends on the type of unit you are renting.


Aqua Private Residences Price List 

unit type for sale Price Area/sqm
1 Bd(Niagara) 5,000,000

8,500,000 PHP

30.70 sqm
3Bd(Niagara) 37,607,000

37,616,000 PHP

170 sqm to

174 sqm

1Bd(Sutherland) 16,000,000

19,000,000 PHP

33 sqm to

66 sqm

1Bd(Penthouse Sutherland) 14,346,292 PHP 54.15 sqm
1Bd(Dettifoss) 6,495,000 PHP 23.70 sqm
1Bd(Penthouse Dettifoss) 13,581,000 PHP 54.53 sqm
3Bd(Duplex) 37,000,000 PHP 172.89 sqm


For short term stay you can contact: +632 989 1782  /   +63 977 832 3758

Niagara: +632 793 8673

Sutherland: +632 793 8701

Management: +632 793 8670

Documents & Collection: +632 793 5598


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