Surviving in Manila

Manila Grab

This is where it gets better, and you start feeling relaxed, grab is a private company that acts like a kind of substitute for taxi but a bit expensive.

The best part is that they don’t have to charge you, want to know why? Keep reading…

If you wish to be comfortable a lot more than just going through a lot of hassle every day, just go to your app store on your phone and download grab before you get to manila, it makes life easier a lot for you.

All you need to do is open your grab app put down the address location where your headed while in Manila and find yourself a grab.

Sometimes when the traffic is much, is a bit difficult to find them, since no one here in Manila likes traffic both taxi and grab actually, they will rather park their cars and sleep or eat, when the traffic is much and totally ignore the money they should be making, since they turn to consider expenses like gas and time.

Grab operated better when they had a competition with Uber which led the competition obviously, but now is a bit dishonest with prices and bad individual characters from its drivers, since they are the only ones around, not really but so it seems, two to more transport networks are being accredited to give them competition but don’t know how it has been so far.

One more advice, is always good to share your location with someone you know while in a grab, especially late hours.

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