Surviving in Manila

Manila Taxi

On arriving Manila, you should expect that, from the airport you might be cheated, by a desperate taxi driver, especially when you don’t know your destination, or you know but, just new around here. The taxis usually have a meter that makes your bill easy as it counts, that’s if the taxi driver decide to put it on, where some might just try to charge you without using the meter in the first place.

you should expect that, as a foreigner you may be charged a lot more than a citizen.

Well, of course you may not notice it because you don’t know, what you don’t know won’t hurt right?

I thought so.

While in the taxi you should understand if you’re not the talking type, you may get tired as the taxi man will continuously keep asking you a lot of questions, usually is all the same like; where are you from?

What brings you to Philippines?

Do you speak our language (Tagalog)?

how long will you be staying here?

and a lot more like really a lot.

If you’re a man they will ask you if you love girls, they usually respect ladies a lot so may not apply to a lady.

Why they drop you off, you should expect they won’t have change for you.

That’s how it works out here but, don’t get it wrong, this people are just trying to make a living out here.

Many of them live far from the city and, if you’re lucky enough you will meet a lot of good taxi drivers that will really help you out.

Do not, i repeat do not, let your guard down by the sweetness they show you at first.

stepping out of the car why your most important stuff are still in the taxi may cost you a lot if time is not taken.

My friend from Spain lost all his luggage to a taxi man, who drove off why he was trying to get change for the taxi man.

He did his best to get justice, running from one police officer to another, from the police to Barangay security, no good news came out.

It is a risk, the thing is you never know who’s bad and who’s good, like i said you might just get lucky or maybe not.

Grab has Got better security.

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