Surviving in Manila

Manila the City

Here in Manila city, is better to walk around your destinations when the distances are not too far, since the traffic is pretty much worse during work days, might as well drive you crazy so, you need to understand is actually better walking than taking Tricycle, Taxi, or Grab.

While working, you may come to discover a lot of things like, people causing a lot of traffic due to bad driving, some just because someone slightly brushed them, they will park their cars in the middle of the road and start making demands from the wrong doer causing a lot of traffic, even when is absolutely nothing. You will come across a lot of beggars 90% of these people will be children between 5 to 13 at a point it becomes very annoying since all of them want something from you but, you need to understand they all need to eat because they have nothing and not even a home, you can keep walking if you don’t have just tell them wala (nothing), why shaking your hand in the process. But as it is, you should know that, while in Manila you are likely to meet a lot of friendly persons around the city especially, at night clubs, bars and market places.

You should understand that, most of these friends your making are not the type you wish to keep, since most of them just want fun or what you have to offer them, but if you’re lucky, you may just find the right ones that don’t really care what you have and what you don’t, they just want a friend in you, those are the ones to ride or die with, you get to discover much more than you ever imagine with such friends, they teach you a lot of stuff mostly the Filipino culture thing, how they do it and a lot of crazy things that will blow your mind. As a foreigner, you will have lots of admirers both men and women, but that doesn’t mean you will just talk to anyone you feel like, approaching a Filipino, you need to be gentle and a little diverse, know that some will definitely snob you not because they are snobs but, because they can’t speak English, many of them have this limitations, some can speak but lack a great deal of courage as Filipinos are naturally shy people.

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