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The Famous Foods in Manila

This is where the real fun actually starts, Filipinos are people that love to eat and have a famous quote that goes, “food is life”.

A lot population of the Filipinos have no diet or eating time table.

They eat anytime they feel like and don’t mind the consequences nevertheless, the food is extravagantly amazing in their nature of product.

There are few of this foods that are very delicious well, like I said earlier, according to their nature of product.

Considering the curiosity one may love to have a taste, the following are some of the famous foods:

Chicken Adobo; usually a mixture of soya sauce and vinegar also, other ingredients.

Sinigang; usually sour soup containing of meat and lots of vegetables.

Lechon Baboy; its roasted pig usually a fiesta dish of the Filipinos.

Tapsilog; consist of beef, fried rice, and fried eggs it’s a Filipino breakfast meal.

Balut; now this is the part that feels weird for every foreigner at first experience, its duck embryo boiled with the shell and is eaten with a bit of vinegar added to it.

Kare Kare; flavored with peanut butter, garlic and onions it’s an oxtail stew.

Halo Halo; it’s a desert and halo halo means mixed together as they would translate it.

Kanilaw; raw fish salad in acidic juice called kalamsi (lime), gets cooked like that and eaten fresh also, chili pepper, ginger, garlic are added to it.

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