Surviving in Manila

Manila the Traffic



This is the point where you totally regret your journey to Manila, one could be held up to 2hrs traveling a distance of just 30mins, Filipinos spend 16 to 17 days every year in traffic.

I’m very sure none is still use to or comfortable with the horror, the causes of this traffic are sometimes really bad, due to unavailability of a traffic officer or bad traffic officer.

Drivers trying to reverse in wrong directions or in the middle of the road, drivers parking in the middle of the road due to accidental brush.

Motorcycles traveling on the wrong lane and causing serious accidents or accidental brushes, which leads to the both parties involved having a long conversation on the roads and cars parking beside the roads where they should not be doing so.

There are series of traffic events all over manila the only time one can enjoy moving around freely is at night around 1am to 5am, when most of the city is asleep.

Sundays come in quite amazing, traffic is less and the roads are much better to travel on sundays.


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