Siargao Island

Located in the eastern part of Mindanao and sharing same border with the Pacific Ocean. Siargao is a province of surigao Del Norte and is about 800 km away from Manila, can easily travel to Siargao from Manila or Cebu.

Siargao Island is known as the surfing capital of the Philippines and surfing competitions are been held here like twice every year, as a matter of fact, Siargao Island is one of the best places in Asia to surf. I do not surf myself but, with the experience and all, I can tell as much after witnessing and also doing a bit of research on the surfing activities in Siargao


Islands of Siargao

There are a couple of Islands in Siargao as well that will blow your mind as well, Islands like Guyam, the Naked and Dako (Daku) Islands, weather I suggest you understand the weather conditions very well or ask about it, is very important but the locals can always be of help.



The most popular island in Siargao, beautified all round with white sands and complimented with long stretched out coconut trees all over the small island standing up you can see all the from general Luna Boulevard. The island been standing for a long period of time and is protected by hard corals against tidal waves.


The Naked Island

Drifting in the open sea with the protection of corals at the side of the small Island, looks more like it changes shape from time to time because of its bare nature that is much affected by tidal terrain movement, a beautiful small island all white sand.


Dako (Daku) Island

The Dako Island is named after a Visayan word that means big, beautified with an aqua marine depth and is the biggest of all the three naturally blessed Islands in Siargao, is a beautiful Island that’s very clean and adorable, has white sands that looks more like powder a bit and surrounded with crystal clean waters, little hurts are built on the Island where friends may camp and get enjoy the beauty of this Island all night long, you have a lot of options of fun here. As beautiful as Boracay even much better here but, less crowd and lesser party nights, lesser noise, but really a great place to experience.

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