Located in the Western Visayas, the Panay Island, a very small place more like heaven on earth, attracts a lot of attention and, to most people is just the best yet.

Boracay Island was closed down few months ago due to over population, and for some sanitary reasons, recently it has been re-developed by Philippine management and re-opened again but, the number of visitors per day have drastically been reduced to 6000 thousand a day, at the end of the year, you may have less than 2 million visitors compare to last year which was about 2.1 million.

Rumors of the Philippine management issuing access cards to Tourists have been moving round much and, seems like they are doing their best to avoid extinction of Boracay’s beauty.


Spend your Holiday in Boracay

Sometimes is even harder to make a choice, Spending a holiday in a way you won’t forget is in somewhat way not easy to plan but, when you have to choose boracay as the destination of your holiday, then that’s when you understand that life as it is much more than just some struggle to survive every day.


How to get to Boracay

Most people find it difficult on how to go about their holidays travel plans but, if you plan well, you can achieve your plans with a splendid outcome by just following the right trail.

If you’re planning to travel to Boracay then, I suggest you plan for at least a month so that your journey won’t have too many “dos and undones” book flights and hotels early why waiting for your time to travel.

Will leave a link below for booking of flights and hotels in boracay for 1 adult, all bookings must be done through the link address, you can pay when you’re in Boracay.

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Places to go in Boracay

Another problem when you get to Boracay is not knowing places to go so you may have the best of time, but hey! Why you’re there you must expect crowd because is a place a lot of people that love themselves loves to spend time at. Do not be alarmed if you don’t know where to go, keep reading and you will have all the suggestions and clues you need.




The White Sand Beach

This place is simply one of the most amazing place in boracay, its attraction is hilarious as a lot of tourists prefer spending a lot of time at the beach, some come for the white sand, some come to sleep under the sun by the white sand beach, some just camp, some just come to beach party, some just swim because this place is an elegant amazing sight that you can’t miss and it will leave memories deep in your mind. This white sand beach is wild all night long, so be aware is going to get a lot louder at night.


Crystal Cove

This Island is actually a private Island it has small coves, full of marine life, has a wonderful landscape and has got caves, quite exciting, there is a lot fun and fantasy environment that will blow your mind but, you need an official guard to carry you around the island.


Happy Buddha River Retreat

Named after a Chinese monk popularly known as the laughing Buddha, named monk Hotei, it’s a place filled up which so much positive energy and brings much relaxation to the mind. A small lovely place just by the river side, you will be very happy to visit here.


Mount Luho

Rising up 100 meters above sea level, Mount Luho is actually the highest land in Boracay Island, standing at Mount Luho you can see almost all in Boracay, it’s a place with the best all views and sight. It will please you to spend some of your time at Mount Luho.

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