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Filling Station Bar and Cafe Makati

Back in the days of Elvis Presley people love to make pit stops and have a quick bite, oh yeah they do here too these days as well.

Somethings never gets old, this bar/restaurant is located at Poblacion, Makati on Burgos street.



Tonight in Manila one of the perfect places you want to seat out with a friend or find some new friends to hangout with, try Filling station bar and cafe, they have amazing cold beer, happened to listen to Elvis Presley many times while having a cold beer, they also have liquor as well

If ever you prefer a wonderful milkshake, pancakes and waffles.

Steaks, eggs and cameo for breakfast or some real heavy meal then, you got it. The service ladies dress beautifully in some American dinner outfit, really cool.



Beautified with a 1959 Eldorado Cadillac, check board floor, gasoline bumps really a lot of old day’s beauties anyone would love to see it’s a wonderful sight built to please.

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