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The Philippines And the Pandemic

 Pandemic in the Philippines at this moment has been overwhelming Looking at the numbers.

Writing this article at this very moment, the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus victims is more than 1million, the total number of deaths is more than 17k and the total number of recoveries is more than 948k plus. I applaud the number of recoveries, not bad.

Almost every day, Covid cases in the Philippines raise by a thousand and literally exceeding the limit of expectation.

Not to ignore the efforts made by the Filipino Government in their fight against Covid, they initiated strict lockdown across the country back in 2020 which has dealt a heavy blow, to the Philippine economy.

In 2021 another lockdown has been triggered, it was done so when covid affected numbers were way over the roof, more than 10k people were positive in one day and the high numbers caused alarm in the country.

The lockdown has been triggered affecting millions of people all over the country, a lot of businesses are been shut down, millions of people lost their jobs across the country.

As it stands at this very moment in the Philippines, the country is suffering from a financial crisis, there’s unemployment and no jobs, jobs available are mostly frontline jobs, and very little work from home.

Students are studying from home ( online classes) children can’t go out,

parents can only go out for necessities.

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