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Live and Work in Germany

Are you a Nurse? 

First thing to do when you want to work is apply for the job you wish.

Working in Germany is not that hard like you may think.

Once you apply and your application is accepted, you will be invited for an interview, you will also be asked to study German language.

You will be having another interview, which is the last and if you pass then, you have completed the requirements needed of you.

An appointment will be scheduled at their embassy, where visa requirements and medicals are handled.

Do not worry about where to apply, one can always find an agency responsible for hiring nurses in the nearest location.

Here in the Philippines you always have agencies responsible for hiring nurses, and also other fields as well.

But before we go into details I’d like to tell you some more.

Start Medicare

European countries are seemingly running short of medical hands.

Start Medicare, however has resulted in recruiting more registered nurses to help solve this problem.

Their target is Asia, mostly Philippines, they also recruit in Taiwan but they are known to have recruited more Filipinos.

The religious background alone might just be a good thing for someone who is a Filipino.

The discipline of the Filipinos Abroad is seemingly an attraction for companies like this affiliate with them.   

One good thing about Start Medicare is, you do not have to worry about Visa challenges, recognition or the degree acquired.

Anything that has to do with Visa issues, relocating or extension is been taken care of as part of the agreement when you are hired.



Start Medicare is a broad network of multipliers and runs through, Europe, Asia and South America.

But here in the Philippines their partners are:

The Grand Placement


1636 F. Agoncillo st., Malate Manila

Metro Manila   





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