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Live and Work on a Cruise Ship


Having an intention is one thing, knowing your intention is another.

So, do you wish to work on a Cruise Ship?  

If your answer is yes then, keep reading and along the way i’ll explain in details.

There are three main things you need to work on a cruise ship.

Do not put your head down even if you can not obtain  or have none of the three things you need.

But if you want to know more then, just keep reading and i will explain things you need to know.



3 Steps to take working on a Cruise Ship

1      You need a complete college course anywhere in the world.

doesn’t matter which course you take, a Cruise Ship needs almost all fields on-board .

Do not be turned off if you do not have a college degree, there is always a chance for all people applying in all categories, from literates to illiterates.

2      Hotel Experience which usually counts from 2 yrs and above, usually a Five-star hotel will do the magic for you.

     Medicals, physical fitness is an important call to Cruise Companies as it turns out they want all staffs physically fit and medicals are quite strict, they might make you think you’re about to sign a football deal.

Now do not let yourself down, because not everyone working on a cruise has got a degree in most cases, you might not even need it.

Apparently you will be needing your skills hence, experience is highly demanded.

there are Cruise Ship agencies in the Philippines that do actually help your dreams of working on a Cruise Ship come true.

The Magsaysay

Magsaysay has got four Cruise Ships and all running on water, these Cruise Ships include;

Dorian, Princess Cruise, Grimaldi, Coastal Cruises and Aida

There are many more Cruises beyond your imagination, a lot more than meets the eye. 

Working on a cruise is not really a big deal but it turns out there are few steps you may need to take.

You need to apply, you  can always apply online but i urge you to try out the applying offices in the Philippines if you are staying in Philippines.

If your not in the Philippines you can always try online or the nearest Cruise office to you .

You should know that you need not pay anything for an interview, all you need are your documents and your confidence.

About Visa

If you will be working in Australia, you need a U.S Visa.

If you will be working in UK, then you need Bermuda Visa, can go to any country in Europe, Very advantageous.

For U.S Cruise you will Australian Visa, U.S Visa, Bermuda Visa.


NCL Norwegian Cruise Line

Just Like the Magsaysay, but since they are not base in philippines they have partnerships around Philippines and one of them is CF Sharp Crew Management.

you can always help yourself by checking them out and letting them help you. 


Royal Caribbean International

Amazing Cruise Ship Line,they have one of the biggest Cruise Line, you can always check them out, how they live on-board and everything you wish to know, one good thing is i provide all links in the headings that interest you.

Also if you’re just looking to take a vacation on a Cruise Ship then, Royal Caribbean International has got a lot to offer just like any other.

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