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Xylo, at the Palace, in BGC, one of the best club in Manila

The problem with most of us, is not knowing where to be, what to do, where to go, where to spend the night in Manila.

Now Manila is a city of vast pleasure and exceptional everlasting memories.

First of all it doesn’t have to be a night out without a plan, there has to be a plan if you really want to have a beautiful night time in Manila BGC tonight then, keep reading.


Now the night life in Manila BGC is amazingly awesome, you just have to know where and then make a choice, if you ask me I’d say Xylo is the place tonight.

It is always good to make a reservation first, or have a man on the inside, you can as well buy a table by the receptionist or the entrance place.

They have certain rules and regulations to keep in mind like, no hats in the club some dress codes not allowed and all that regular stuff of rules kind of thing.

Can remember forgetting my snap back at the club twice in a week.

Night Club, Night Life, club, club and club.


Xylo at the Palace is a well affordable club and if you are the beer guy, then good for you if you are the liquor guy, you may just need to spend a little more, beer cost about 170 PHP while liquor/cocktails may cost you 200 to 250 a cup depends on the drink you wish to have.

Best time to go is around 12am, but the club closes by 5am.


Now one other secret is while you’re over at Xylo you might as well have access to other clubs around, just at the back of Xylo, you have about 3 to 4 other clubs that are cool and lit.

But you won’t be allowed to take a drink outside or inside of the club (Xylo).


Smoking is not allowed inside the club, you have to go outside for a stick.

Fridays or weekends are most beautiful and the crowd is booming up while you have the DJ killing it hard all night long, but you also have Thursdays which are specially made for VIP’s, is a bit hard to get in if you don’t have a man on the inside or already have your plans made.

There are tons of social groups and solo guys that just come to drink, have fun and make friends thereof, you have every opportunity to make tons of friends as you wish. Nobody will be lonely tonight.



Just in case you wish to find out more information for tables and guest-list, you may contact Oliveria (+639178832704 or email or IG @jerzoliveria).

Address: 9th Avenue corner 36th Street, Uptown Bonifacio, The Fort, Taguig

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